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All About Adult Braces

adult braces

If you’ve been longing to have the perfect smile, then adult braces could make your dreams come true. At South Meadows Dental and Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality dental care to all of our patients. We can help you determine whether adult braces are the right choice for you.

Adult Braces Have Come A Long Way

When you think of braces, you may be visualizing uncomfortable metal that will make you look less attractive. The good news is that adult braces are modern, comfortable and less noticeable than ever before. Depending on the level of treatment you need you’ll have an array of options for adult braces.

Your Options For Adult Braces

If you’re looking for a faster way to straighten your teeth, then you should get conventional braces. Most people don’t relish the thought of metal braces. Luckily, you can pick from ceramic braces or even make a fashion statement with colored braces. Today’s braces are made with one bracket on the front of your tooth and held in place with well-placed wires. At South Meadows Dental, we use the Damon System, which is a self-litigating bracket. The Damon System is a more comfortable treatment thanks to the reduction in pressure on your teeth.

Aligners As An Alternative To Adult Braces

Aligners are a system of clear mouth trays that you insert for almost the entire day. You’re provided with a different aligner for each day, and you must remain consistent with the aligner system to let it do its job. Most patients feel aligners aren’t as obvious as conventional braces, and it allows you to brush your teeth simply by taking out the aligner.

How To Care For Your Adult Braces

Regular dental hygiene is an essential part of caring for your braces. It’s important to keep all of your scheduled visits with our dental office to ensure the health of your teeth. You should avoid eating sticky, sugary or hard foods while you have adult braces. Coffee, tea and red wine can also stain your teeth during orthodontic treatment. We will advise you about how to brush and floss properly depending on which method of orthodontic treatment you receive.

Seeing The Results Of Adult Braces

Orthodontic treatment can take some time before you’re ready to show the world your smile, but the end results will be worth it. Depending on your teeth and which appliance is used, your treatment could last between 18 and 22 months. That’s a small time commitment when you consider you’ll have beautifully straight teeth for life once your treatment is complete.

If you’re ready to smile without worrying about crooked or misaligned teeth, then call us at South Meadows Dental and Orthodontics today. We will give you a consultation and put you on the path to a great smile.