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Damon Braces®

Most everyone gets some form of braces or aligners during their life. Very few people have naturally straight, aligned teeth. Having straight teeth offers various benefits. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, straight teeth allow for teeth to be cleaner and give patients complete comfort in their jaw and neck. At South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics, we offer different options for our patients to achieve straight, aligned teeth. One of these options is Damon braces.


Many people find that Damon braces are a good option for them.  If you are unsure what type of orthodontic treatment will benefit you most, come talk to our orthodontist, Dr. Meagan Struby, at South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics.  After a thorough examination of your oral health, teeth, jaws, and facial profile, she can help you determine the best treatment plan for your needs.


Damon brackets, used in conjunction with extremely flexible, low-force, shape-memory wires, allow the teeth to move with biologically-sensible forces, which are also more comfortable.

Here are a few advantages:

  • Noticeable improvement in the first 10 weeks
  • Remarkable smile results with full, broad arches
  • Reduced treatment time and fewer office visits
  • Improved comfort without traditional tightening
  • Option for two-bracket materials: metal or clear

With their polycrystalline structure, the clear braces blend well with your natural tooth color.  Many people won’t notice right away that you are even wearing braces!  This makes them ideal for adults who wish to undergo treatment, but don’t want it to be obvious that they have braces. 

Dr. Meagan Struby has had quite a history of using Damon braces and has seen remarkable results!


If you are interested in learning more about Damon Braces and your orthodontic options, then schedule a consultation with us.  At South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics, we are passionate about giving our patients gorgeous smiles through our various orthodontic methods.  To make an appointment, call our office or fill out an online form. 

Damon Braces FAQS


What is the difference between Damon braces and regular braces?

Damon braces utilize the physical property of reduced friction at the bracket/wire interface, allowing teeth to move at optimal force levels. Traditionally, a bracket would have a colorful elastic wrapped around its wings to cinch the wire in place, causing the wire to experience friction against the bracket and the elastic. This creates the feeling of having braces tightened. Damon brackets have a slot with a door that holds the wire in place. Though Damon brackets weren’t the first generation of self-ligating brackets, they have gained popularity throughout the world as a quality, well-designed, highly-researched means of straightening teeth. The brackets have the ability to slide along the wire with reduced pressure. This is especially helpful in extreme crowding or spacing situations. There is no longer the need for colors to hold the wire in place. But if you still want decorative colors, we still have them!

How long do you have to wear Damon braces?

Damon braces are worn by adults and adolescents for a period of time prescribed by Dr. Meagan Struby. In most cases, treatment lasts between 9-24 months. Because Damon braces resolve quite a bit of the crowding early on in treatment, they allow us to get to the detailing phase sooner!

Do Damon braces work faster?

Simply put, it’s Biology and Physics. While there is no magic in the brackets themselves, we notice that the technology utilized by the Damon braces can reduce expected treatment times by 6 months! Every case is different and at your consultation, we can give you an idea as to what your projected treatment time may be.

Do Damon braces widen your smile?

At our office we use Damon braces, in conjunction with high-technology wires, to deliver biologically acceptable forces to the teeth and surrounding bone. Typically, as your teeth move, the wires will broaden your dental arches and produce a wider smile. The architecture of a patient’s bone determines the limit of their expansion. Sometimes, especially in growing individuals, we will still utilize a palatal expander to manipulate the developing upper jaw.

Do Damon braces hurt more?

Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised at the level of comfort they experience with Damon braces.