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They say a smile says a thousand words, but for Jeremiah, a man of few words, it’s more like a million! Jeremiah’s smile truly transformed through orthodontic treatment. He was an incredibly compliant patient with goals and determination. Through upper and lower Damon braces, we were able to work as a team, over the course of approximately two years to broaden his smile and improve his bite! We love your new smile, Jeremiah!

Melody thought about pursuing orthodontic treatment for a while before she finally made the decision to begin. Not to be outdone by her hubby, she was super cooperative with her treatment recommendations. She improved her smile esthetics and her bite with a combination of Invisalign and elastics. Melody always came to her appointments, dressed for success and her smile is her signature accessory! Keep smiling Melody!


Skola’s smile can light up a room. Her zest for life is infectious. She is the person that makes everyone around her happy, just by being with her. Skola had an implant-retained fixed Diem appliance and implant-retained crowns. If you were able to meet Skola, you will definitely see that the light in her beautiful and healthy smile is a reflection of the depth of her soul.


You may recognize this beautiful smile from visiting our office. Tonya is one of the kindest people you would ever meet. Prior to her retirement, she always welcomed our patients with her sweet smile. She had treatments which include a combination of bleaching, partial braces, and porcelain crowns. Her teeth turned out great and fulfilled her desire to have a bright, and straight smile.


We were so pleased to be able to treat this fantastic young man who is full of life and love for his family. Christian had orthodontic treatment that included braces and elastics for nearly 16 months. He’d come in after school or soccer practice for his adjustments. His teeth turned out amazing! If you ever get a chance to meet him, you’ll agree that Christian’s smile is as big as his heart!

Congratulations on your new smile!

Meet Jordan

Can you spot Jordan’s crown? It’s tough, right?

We strive to provide beautiful, minimally invasive dental care to patients of all ages. In this case, tooth #9 was crowned once Jordan’s filling began breaking down following a trauma. Not only were we able to restore this tooth back to it’s proper contours, but we were able to close a space between his front teeth that he disliked. When Jordan saw his new tooth for the first time, he stated, “I look fly!”

We agree, Jordan, you DO LOOK FLY!