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The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

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Orthodontic treatment is a great investment because it can last a lifetime. Overall health goes hand-in-hand with good oral health. Experiencing tooth problems or pain throughout your life can be miserable and costly. Avoid that pain and enjoy a beautiful and attractive smile that can boost your confidence.

Orthodontic treatment can solve numerous dental problems such as crooked and unevenly spaced teeth. Here are the benefits you can expect following a successful orthodontia plan at South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics in Reno, NV.

1. Improved Appearance

You deserve a smile that can light up a room. When your teeth are aligned, bright, and sparkly clean, you’ll have an appearance that creates a great first impression. Your smile is perhaps the most memorable part of any conversation, and you’ll thank yourself for making the confidence-boosting investment in orthodontic treatment.

2. Better Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene affects your self-image and your relationships. Having straightened teeth helps your appearance, but it also motivates you to maintain your dental health. Straight teeth are easier to clean, making flossing and brushing more effective than when teeth were crowded or overlapping. This reduces the risk of developing cavities, gingivitis, or periodontal disease.

3. Reduced Wear of the Teeth

Unhealthy biting, due to misalignment, may result in uneven or excessive wear of your teeth. Wearing causes teeth to be fragile, worn, or broken. There is also risk of losing gum tissue and bone density, as a result of unhealthy stress placed on these supporting structures. Proper alignment of your teeth, through orthodontia, will help prevent such problems.

4. Positive Psychological Impacts

Having well-aligned teeth and a beautiful, healthy smile has a positive influence on your confidence and self-esteem. At South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics, we continuously encourage you to maintain the health and beauty of your teeth.

5. Successful Restorative Procedures

Through interdisciplinary collaboration, our dentists, Dr. Brian Struby and Dr. Jamie Smith, are best able to complete a restorative procedure when your teeth are aligned properly. Orthodontic treatment creates a strong foundation that allows other treatments to be more stable and successful in the future. This might involve procedures like replacing missing teeth using dental bridges or implants and restoring your teeth using porcelain veneers, dental fillings, and crowns.

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Our friendly, dentists and board-certified orthodontist are here for your oral health needs. At South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics we can create a personalized treatment plan that meets your goals, giving you a healthy mouth and beautiful, straight smile. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (775) 413-2976 or filling out our contact form online.

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