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What to Know About CAD/CAM Restorations


Tooth decay (cavities) is caused by sugars and enamel-destroying bacteria that build up when the teeth are not properly cleaned over an extended period of time. At South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics, we use CAD/CAM restorations to create accurate and effective restorations that will give you a long-lasting, beautiful smile.

What Are CAD/CAM Restorations?

CAD (computer-aided design) or CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) is an innovative technology used to create customized tooth-colored crowns, onlays, inlays, and veneers. These restorations are used to treat tooth decay and reinforce damaged teeth. The CAD/CAM technology used takes a digital, 3D image of the tooth being treated and the teeth surrounding it. That image can be used to design and shape the restorative material which will be fitted to the tooth. Using precise machinery and the skills of a trained restorative dentist, CAD/CAM restorations can restore beautiful, natural-looking smiles.

CAD/CAM Procedure

Before your CAD/CAM restoration begins, we will numb the area to ease any discomfort. The teeth will then be cleaned to remove decayed tissue and shaped to best fit the restoration. A reflective powder is applied so that the digital imaging tool can see the contours of the tooth being treated. Once the 3D image is taken and the restoration is made, it can be customized with coloring, bonding, and polishing to match your natural tooth color and appearance. Final adjustments can also be made to maximize your comfort while wearing the restoration and make sure your bite stays the same.

Benefits of CAD/CAM Restorations

One Appointment

Your CAD/CAM restoration can be completed in one appointment that takes anywhere from 45 minutes – 2 hours depending on the severity of tooth decay being treated. This means fewer disruptions in your schedule and more cost-effective treatment.

Minimal Tooth Preparation

Less tooth preparation means more of the healthy tooth structure can be left intact. This can make your restoration last longer and feel more comfortable than a bulky restoration that may need to be adjusted to fit your tooth and bite.

Natural-Looking Results

CAD/CAM restorations use tooth-colored materials like porcelain so that your restoration will blend into the surrounding area and leave you with a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’ve gotten behind on your annual cleanings or have painful tooth decay in need of restoration, schedule a consultation with our amazing team of dentists and orthodontists at South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics. Give our Reno, NV office a call at 775-413-2976 or fill out an online contact form to take the first step toward a restored, healthy smile.

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