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Better Technology For Impressive Results: Damon Braces

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Traditional braces are the most common form of teeth straightening. Traditional braces have also been around since the 20th century, and they have been the go-to process for correcting misaligned teeth. As technology increases, so have the options. Removable liners have been introduced in the past two decades, and they have yielded pretty good results. Have you ever heard of Damon Braces? If you haven’t heard about these dental components, then you’re not alone.

What Exactly Are Damon Braces & Are They A Good Solution?

Damon braces, also known as Damon System braces, is an alternative to metal track-related braces. These particular braces utilize low-friction mechanics for straightening the teeth. The amount of pressure that’s put on the teeth is far less than traditional braces, but the end result is just as great. Damon braces also fall under the category of fixed-cosmetic orthodontics, and the braces provide a fast way for teeth correction.

A Better Breakdown of The Mechanics

Unlike traditional braces that utilize metal brackets that look like train tracks, the Damon System braces use an advanced slide mechanism. This slide mechanism is much gentler on the teeth because it produces less friction. In other words, Damon braces are a more advanced form of its traditional counterpart. Of course, this may sound a bit more technical, but Damon braces generally come equipped with a technologically advanced form of brackets and wires.

Damon braces are self-ligating. This means that the braces won’t necessarily need the use of metal ties or elastic. With traditional braces, the created tension comes from the resistance that manifest from the use of elastic ties. Damon braces basically bypass this step because its slide mechanism creates the tension that ends up straightening your teeth. The transparent-ceramic material makes the braces much more aesthetically pleasing, and its stainless steel components are extremely powerful.

Damon braces can be seen in the front of the mouth, but the components are subtle to the naked eye, which is why the braces are very popular among adults.

Is This Technology Really Better?

In most cases, Damon braces can be seen as better because the results come faster and the braces are much more comfortable to wear. In other words, patients will receive great results in a shorter period of time than with traditional braces. In addition to that, you won’t have to visit your dentist as often. Teeth extractions aren’t necessary in most cases, but your dentist may recommend them as part of your overall orthodontic plan.

These advanced braces do cost more than traditional braces, however, they are more discreet and treatment is faster than with traditional braces. Visit your South Meadows Dentistry for more in-depth information on how you can get a gorgeous smile.

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