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What to Know About Damon Braces

Damon Braces are Faster, Safer, and Less Expensive

The use of braces is a time when people of any age are left feeling unsure of their future. In most cases, we hear about the pain and regular visits to the orthodontist that are caused by the use of traditional wire braces. However, the use of Damon braces can make a major change to the way each person is affected by the need for adjustments made to their teeth. The main reasons why we at South Meadows Dental and Orthodontics are enjoying the introduction of Damon braces are that they are faster, gentler, and less expensive than traditional braces.

What are Damon Braces?

We all know about the problems of traditional braces that use wires to draw the teeth into alignment in a way that is often painful and time-consuming. Instead of needing many different trips to the orthodontist, Damon braces make it easy for the teeth to be realigned without the need for visiting the orthodontist, as these braces self-align as the teeth move into the correct position.

As the teeth move to the correct position, the wires used in Damon braces that sit within a clear plastic tray can automatically move to the correct position. The use of Damon braces is a safe and gentle way of moving the teeth into the correct position that is gentler and less painful than the traditional braces.

The Benefits of Damon Braces

There are many benefits of the use of Damon braces, particularly for those who are concerned about the use of traditional braces. One of the main complaints about the use of traditional braces is the damage done to the cheeks and lips by the wires. In contrast, Damon braces offer a smooth mechanism that limits damage to the inside of the mouth by not leaving wires and elastics exposed.

Among the other benefits that can be found in the use of Damon braces is the fact they use a clear plastic tray as the main component. This means the overall appearance of Damon braces is different and not as visible in a period when social media has made our appearance such an important part of life.

Another benefit that cannot be overstated is the ease of cleaning that can be hard to complete with the traditional braces that use elastic ties. These are well-known breeding grounds for bacteria and germs that can cause infections but are not part of the Damon braces teeth straightening system.

Are Damon Braces Just for Children and Teens?

This is a simple question to answer. No, Damon braces are not only for children and teens. The number of adults seeking teeth straightening options has recently been growing with Damon braces a good option for adults who are looking for a fast-acting and less expensive option for keeping their teeth straight.

Schedule an Appointment

If you’re interested in Damon braces, schedule an appointment at South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics in Reno, Nevada by calling (775) 852-8181 or filling out our online form.

All About Braces: Answering Your Top Questions

Getting braces put on is a common dental procedure. Patients often have many questions about the procedure and other factors concerning their braces, including price and care questions. South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics has answers to your questions and more. Continue reading below to learn what you need to know about your braces.

How are Braces Put On?

Your dentist will provide detailed information during your consultation. To start, your teeth will be cleaned and prepared for the glue. The glue will then be placed, following the brackets which hold the wires for your braces. From there, the wiring can be threaded through the brackets.

How are Braces Taken Off?

Getting your braces taken off is very exciting. The wires are first removed, following the brackets. They are gently removed to minimize pain levels. The glue is then scraped from your teeth, and they are cleaned to make your smile ready to show.

How Long are Braces Worn?

Every patient has to wear braces for a different amount of time. This is based on numerous factors, including how severe the misalignment of your bite is and the type of braces you use. Braces can be in for as long as two and a half years to as little as nine months.

How Often Do My Braces Need to be Checked?

Appointments are held every month to every few months. This is to ensure your braces are working effectively and that there are no adjustments that need to be made. Anything that needs to be changed will be changed.

Will My Braces Hurt?

Many patients are surprised at how comfortable braces actually are. After adjustment appointments and after your initial appointment, there may be a bit of soreness. This is only temporary, however, and is easily relieved with over-the-counter medications.

How Do I Take Care of My Braces?

It is important to keep your teeth clean in order to keep your braces clean. For this reason, it is important to brush your teeth after every meal. You should also try to floss your teeth as effectively as possible.

What is the Age Range for Braces?

Anyone is able to get braces, despite the fact that most individuals think only teenagers get them. There are many adults who choose to get braces. This can help you gain confidence in your smile, especially if your alignment problems are noticeable.

What is the Price of Braces?

The price of braces really depends on how long you will need them and exactly the types of braces you need. It will also depend upon what your insurance covers. All pricing details will be provided at your initial consultation in our office at South Meadows Dental.

What Now?

If you think braces are the right choice for you, call us at South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics to schedule your initial consultation. We will walk you through any other questions you may have, and assist you in making the right choices for you. You will have a new smile soon!

All About Adult Braces

adult braces

If you’ve been longing to have the perfect smile, then adult braces could make your dreams come true. At South Meadows Dental and Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality dental care to all of our patients. We can help you determine whether adult braces are the right choice for you.

Adult Braces Have Come A Long Way

When you think of braces, you may be visualizing uncomfortable metal that will make you look less attractive. The good news is that adult braces are modern, comfortable and less noticeable than ever before. Depending on the level of treatment you need you’ll have an array of options for adult braces.

Your Options For Adult Braces

If you’re looking for a faster way to straighten your teeth, then you should get conventional braces. Most people don’t relish the thought of metal braces. Luckily, you can pick from ceramic braces or even make a fashion statement with colored braces. Today’s braces are made with one bracket on the front of your tooth and held in place with well-placed wires. At South Meadows Dental, we use the Damon System, which is a self-litigating bracket. The Damon System is a more comfortable treatment thanks to the reduction in pressure on your teeth.

Aligners As An Alternative To Adult Braces

Aligners are a system of clear mouth trays that you insert for almost the entire day. You’re provided with a different aligner for each day, and you must remain consistent with the aligner system to let it do its job. Most patients feel aligners aren’t as obvious as conventional braces, and it allows you to brush your teeth simply by taking out the aligner.

How To Care For Your Adult Braces

Regular dental hygiene is an essential part of caring for your braces. It’s important to keep all of your scheduled visits with our dental office to ensure the health of your teeth. You should avoid eating sticky, sugary or hard foods while you have adult braces. Coffee, tea and red wine can also stain your teeth during orthodontic treatment. We will advise you about how to brush and floss properly depending on which method of orthodontic treatment you receive.

Seeing The Results Of Adult Braces

Orthodontic treatment can take some time before you’re ready to show the world your smile, but the end results will be worth it. Depending on your teeth and which appliance is used, your treatment could last between 18 and 22 months. That’s a small time commitment when you consider you’ll have beautifully straight teeth for life once your treatment is complete.

If you’re ready to smile without worrying about crooked or misaligned teeth, then call us at South Meadows Dental and Orthodontics today. We will give you a consultation and put you on the path to a great smile.

Better Technology For Impressive Results: Damon Braces

braces reno nv

Traditional braces are the most common form of teeth straightening. Traditional braces have also been around since the 20th century, and they have been the go-to process for correcting misaligned teeth. As technology increases, so have the options. Removable liners have been introduced in the past two decades, and they have yielded pretty good results. Have you ever heard of Damon Braces? If you haven’t heard about these dental components, then you’re not alone.

What Exactly Are Damon Braces & Are They A Good Solution?

Damon braces, also known as Damon System braces, is an alternative to metal track-related braces. These particular braces utilize low-friction mechanics for straightening the teeth. The amount of pressure that’s put on the teeth is far less than traditional braces, but the end result is just as great. Damon braces also fall under the category of fixed-cosmetic orthodontics, and the braces provide a fast way for teeth correction.

A Better Breakdown of The Mechanics

Unlike traditional braces that utilize metal brackets that look like train tracks, the Damon System braces use an advanced slide mechanism. This slide mechanism is much gentler on the teeth because it produces less friction. In other words, Damon braces are a more advanced form of its traditional counterpart. Of course, this may sound a bit more technical, but Damon braces generally come equipped with a technologically advanced form of brackets and wires.

Damon braces are self-ligating. This means that the braces won’t necessarily need the use of metal ties or elastic. With traditional braces, the created tension comes from the resistance that manifest from the use of elastic ties. Damon braces basically bypass this step because its slide mechanism creates the tension that ends up straightening your teeth. The transparent-ceramic material makes the braces much more aesthetically pleasing, and its stainless steel components are extremely powerful.

Damon braces can be seen in the front of the mouth, but the components are subtle to the naked eye, which is why the braces are very popular among adults.

Is This Technology Really Better?

In most cases, Damon braces can be seen as better because the results come faster and the braces are much more comfortable to wear. In other words, patients will receive great results in a shorter period of time than with traditional braces. In addition to that, you won’t have to visit your dentist as often. Teeth extractions aren’t necessary in most cases, but your dentist may recommend them as part of your overall orthodontic plan.

These advanced braces do cost more than traditional braces, however, they are more discreet and treatment is faster than with traditional braces. Visit your South Meadows Dentistry for more in-depth information on how you can get a gorgeous smile.

Why Damon Braces?

The days of large headgear and awkward feelings are now a thing of the past. Today’s orthodontia tools are more subtle and effective than ever before. Patients can actually look forward to a tooth-straightening treatment. Discover the power of Damon braces and how they can improve your smile today.

A New Way to Straighten Teeth

Damon braces are different than traditional braces because of the bracket science. Traditional braces use fixed brackets that require wires and elastics to move the teeth into place.

A Damon system has a bracket with a slide component. The wires can slide within this attachment, which effectively moves the teeth into a straight position. Damon braces have a similar appearance to traditional braces, but the brackets are much smaller in comparison.

Smile With Confidence

Orthodontia patients need teeth straightening, and their self-esteem is often negatively impacted. During treatment, patients feel better about their smiles almost right away. Because the brackets are relatively small, they smile with confidence once again.

The devices aren’t an overwhelming part of the smile. As the teeth shift into their appropriate locations, your smile will grow even larger. Damon braces continue to appeal to many patients as they familiarize themselves with the latest technology.

Spend Less Time at the Orthodontist’s Office

Traditional braces require monthly examinations where the orthodontist adjusts the wires. Damon braces only require half of the appointments when compared to traditional treatment.

In fact, the entire treatment length is shortened by about six months. The sliding mechanism inherent to Damon braces allows the teeth to move at a rapid rate. Traditional treatment for one patient might take 18 months, but the Damon system requires only 12 months. Each patient’s situation is different, but the Damon braces remain as the faster choice for that brilliant smile.

Reduce Bacteria Levels

If you’ve seen elastics on traditional braces, you know that they’re connected between brackets and exposed to saliva 24 hours a day. Although these items are critical to traditional braces, they also lead to increased bacteria levels in the mouth.

Damon braces don’t require elastics. In fact, the brackets are small and simply designed. It’s difficult for bacteria to thrive on these oral devices.

Patients will be happy to note that they’ll see fewer infections and cavities with a clean mouth thanks to Damon braces.

Perfect for Sensitive Individuals

Traditional braces usually come with some painful procedures. Tightening the wires, adding expanders to the palate and other options come with considerable discomfort.

Damon braces don’t require these steps. There’s only a gentle force on the teeth as they rapidly move into their rightful spots.

Sensitive people may steer clear of orthodontia entirely. There’s no need to avoid treatment anymore. Damon braces make teeth straightening an easy part of your life.

Choose Between Clear and Metal

Damon manufacturers understand that orthodontia patients want choices when it comes to oral devices. Brackets and wires are still necessary components, but they can be either metal or clear colors.

Patients can choose between these selections at the beginning of their treatment. There may even be a display model so that you can see the devices in person. Most patients report that they feel comfortable in the braces regardless of the color choice. The science behind the therapy gives patients a chance to forget about the devices inside their mouths.

Explore your orthodontia options today by calling South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics. Our team is happy to answer any questions you might have about treatment and results. See your smile transform with just a simple system set onto the teeth. You’ll have straight teeth for the rest of your life.

How do Damon braces and Invisalign differ?

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, but often times, people find metal braces to be uncomfortable and unsightly. Therefore, they look for different options and, luckily for them, there are other effective treatments without the “metal” look. Invisalign and clear braces are two of the most popular aesthetic treatments on the market, but is there a reason to pick one over the other?

Clear aligners are usually the first choice because they are removable, and they still help to move teeth without pesky wires and braces. Unlike traditional metal braces, this method doesn’t pose any issues with flossing or brushing on a regular basis, and you do not have to worry about wires poking or braces breaking. However, nothing is perfect. Clear aligners do have a few downsides to them that you should be aware of.

For instance, clear aligners are removable, which can be useful in some instances, but they are only effective if they are worn properly. They should be worn 22 hours out of the day. Plus, clear aligners are not always the most esthetic. After all, clear aligners still require trays to work properly, and they do not always look as flattering as clear braces can. They are merely a tool that are used to help move teeth, but their effectiveness can be dependant on your dentist. Finally, clear aligners are not a miracle method. They don’t move teeth any faster than other methods without changing the biology that is needed to make it happen.

Invisalign and other clear aligner systems are used because they do work, but it’s important to go with the method that will provide you with the best results for your situation. A good dentist will always go with the method that will give the best results for your individual circumstances.

Just like clear aligners, Invisalign is also removable, but in order for the system to actually work to move teeth, they have to be worn at least 22-23 hours out of the day. They should only be put in their case when eating, flossing, or brushing. Otherwise, they are not going to provide the best results possible. Also, the trays not only have to be worn, but they have to be attached to the teeth correctly in order for the elastics to work properly.

However, there are a lot of things that Invisalign systems cannot do or do not do well. With advertising, Invisalign has raised awareness for orthodontic treatment options, and they have also gotten rid of the notion that there are only metal-only braces. The only problem with this is the advertisement doesn’t actually explain the strategic parts of the actual system. Orthodontists find it different to explain this sometimes because the patients come in with such unrealistic and high expectations of this system.

Invisalign uses a computer simulation to help your dentist come up with the treatment plan, but that does not take away the need to have an experienced orthodontist. After all, in order for the Invisalign system to work properly, the orthodontist still has to understand treatment planning, complications, diagnosis, and biomechanics for the system to be successful in the end.

Finally, it is important to understand that, just like anything else, the speed of the system’s effectiveness comes from the distance that the teeth need to move to be corrected. Being able to design efficient tooth movements is essential for an orthodontist to create the right pathways to make the treatment and system work faster. In some cases, Invisalign is still used extensively, because it is often times the best choice. They work really well for people who might not be able to come into the office often, like college students.

However, there are cases when clear braces are a better choice. Due to advancement in the materials used for clear braces, they have come a long way and work just as well as metal. So, how do Damon braces and Invisalign differ? Overall, it’s important to weigh all options and do research with your orthodontist to make sure that you’re getting the best system to work for your individual situation because sometimes, one is better than the other.