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What to Know About Damon Braces


Damon Braces are Faster, Safer, and Less Expensive

The use of braces is a time when people of any age are left feeling unsure of their future. In most cases, we hear about the pain and regular visits to the orthodontist that are caused by the use of traditional wire braces. However, the use of Damon braces can make a major change to the way each person is affected by the need for adjustments made to their teeth. The main reasons why we at South Meadows Dental and Orthodontics are enjoying the introduction of Damon braces are that they are faster, gentler, and less expensive than traditional braces.

What are Damon Braces?

We all know about the problems of traditional braces that use wires to draw the teeth into alignment in a way that is often painful and time-consuming. Instead of needing many different trips to the orthodontist, Damon braces make it easy for the teeth to be realigned without the need for visiting the orthodontist, as these braces self-align as the teeth move into the correct position.

As the teeth move to the correct position, the wires used in Damon braces that sit within a clear plastic tray can automatically move to the correct position. The use of Damon braces is a safe and gentle way of moving the teeth into the correct position that is gentler and less painful than the traditional braces.

The Benefits of Damon Braces

There are many benefits of the use of Damon braces, particularly for those who are concerned about the use of traditional braces. One of the main complaints about the use of traditional braces is the damage done to the cheeks and lips by the wires. In contrast, Damon braces offer a smooth mechanism that limits damage to the inside of the mouth by not leaving wires and elastics exposed.

Among the other benefits that can be found in the use of Damon braces is the fact they use a clear plastic tray as the main component. This means the overall appearance of Damon braces is different and not as visible in a period when social media has made our appearance such an important part of life.

Another benefit that cannot be overstated is the ease of cleaning that can be hard to complete with the traditional braces that use elastic ties. These are well-known breeding grounds for bacteria and germs that can cause infections but are not part of the Damon braces teeth straightening system.

Are Damon Braces Just for Children and Teens?

This is a simple question to answer. No, Damon braces are not only for children and teens. The number of adults seeking teeth straightening options has recently been growing with Damon braces a good option for adults who are looking for a fast-acting and less expensive option for keeping their teeth straight.

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