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Why Damon Braces?


The days of large headgear and awkward feelings are now a thing of the past. Today’s orthodontia tools are more subtle and effective than ever before. Patients can actually look forward to a tooth-straightening treatment. Discover the power of Damon braces and how they can improve your smile today.

A New Way to Straighten Teeth

Damon braces are different than traditional braces because of the bracket science. Traditional braces use fixed brackets that require wires and elastics to move the teeth into place.

A Damon system has a bracket with a slide component. The wires can slide within this attachment, which effectively moves the teeth into a straight position. Damon braces have a similar appearance to traditional braces, but the brackets are much smaller in comparison.

Smile With Confidence

Orthodontia patients need teeth straightening, and their self-esteem is often negatively impacted. During treatment, patients feel better about their smiles almost right away. Because the brackets are relatively small, they smile with confidence once again.

The devices aren’t an overwhelming part of the smile. As the teeth shift into their appropriate locations, your smile will grow even larger. Damon braces continue to appeal to many patients as they familiarize themselves with the latest technology.

Spend Less Time at the Orthodontist’s Office

Traditional braces require monthly examinations where the orthodontist adjusts the wires. Damon braces only require half of the appointments when compared to traditional treatment.

In fact, the entire treatment length is shortened by about six months. The sliding mechanism inherent to Damon braces allows the teeth to move at a rapid rate. Traditional treatment for one patient might take 18 months, but the Damon system requires only 12 months. Each patient’s situation is different, but the Damon braces remain as the faster choice for that brilliant smile.

Reduce Bacteria Levels

If you’ve seen elastics on traditional braces, you know that they’re connected between brackets and exposed to saliva 24 hours a day. Although these items are critical to traditional braces, they also lead to increased bacteria levels in the mouth.

Damon braces don’t require elastics. In fact, the brackets are small and simply designed. It’s difficult for bacteria to thrive on these oral devices.

Patients will be happy to note that they’ll see fewer infections and cavities with a clean mouth thanks to Damon braces.

Perfect for Sensitive Individuals

Traditional braces usually come with some painful procedures. Tightening the wires, adding expanders to the palate and other options come with considerable discomfort.

Damon braces don’t require these steps. There’s only a gentle force on the teeth as they rapidly move into their rightful spots.

Sensitive people may steer clear of orthodontia entirely. There’s no need to avoid treatment anymore. Damon braces make teeth straightening an easy part of your life.

Choose Between Clear and Metal

Damon manufacturers understand that orthodontia patients want choices when it comes to oral devices. Brackets and wires are still necessary components, but they can be either metal or clear colors.

Patients can choose between these selections at the beginning of their treatment. There may even be a display model so that you can see the devices in person. Most patients report that they feel comfortable in the braces regardless of the color choice. The science behind the therapy gives patients a chance to forget about the devices inside their mouths.

Explore your orthodontia options today by calling South Meadows Dental & Orthodontics. Our team is happy to answer any questions you might have about treatment and results. See your smile transform with just a simple system set onto the teeth. You’ll have straight teeth for the rest of your life.

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